The World War I Memorial Inventory Project honors the centennial of the Great War by assembling an online inventory of World War I memorials and monuments in the United States and U.S. territories. The project is working in partnership with the United States World War I Centennial Commission. The Registry and "Monuments Inspector" Mobile Application will invite and enable public participation in locating, documenting, and providing a preliminary condition assessment of all of the World War I memorials and monuments in the United States. Numbering in the thousands, and ranging from simple to grandiose, these memorials blanket the American landscape but are largely overlooked and often in poor condition. The app, website, and database will be instrumental in contributing to the memorials' physical and cultural rehabilitation.

Recently Added Items

Fayette City Park Swimming Pool or Fayette WPA Pool and WWI Memorial (MO)

MO Fayette. Fayette Swimming Pool (sub. Gwen Miller) 1.jpg

The 1936 Art Deco entry hall to Fayette's City Park swimming pool is a memorial to the Howard County citizens who served in World War I.


Macon County World War I Memorial (MO)

MO Macon. Macon County Courthouse.jpg

Located on the south lawn of the Macon County Courthouse, the memorial comprises a black granite shaft incised with the names of those from Macon…

East St. Louis Soldiers Memorial (IL)

IL East St. Louis (damaged 2018).jpg

A 17-foot-tall shaft of Barre granite, the East St. Louis Soldiers Memorial honors veterans of World War I and three earlier wars (Revolutionary,…