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Lest We Forget: World War I Commemoration

Historical Context

The United States in World War I: An Introduction 

1919: Postwar Unrest in the US

World War I Memorials: Between Tradition and Modernity

Aviators: Memorials and Myths

Individualizing Mass Death: Names and Photographs

Useful Memorials

Tomb of the Unknown

Fighting Doughboys

Mourning Mothers and Wounded Soldiers

Painted Memorials

Classicism: A Reassuring Tradition

The Art of World War I Memorials

Civil War Memorials: An Unhappy Legacy

Memorials as Art: Teaching America Good Taste

A New Force: Women sculptors

A Last Gasp: The End of Public Sculpture?

Commemoration as Urban Planning: The City Beautiful Movement and Memorial Buildings

Vernacular Memory

Building a Memorial: Committees and Fundraising

American Legion: Keeping Veterans’ War Memories Alive

African Americans and War Memory

Women and War Memory

Gold Star Mother Pilgrimages

We Did Our Part: Commemorating Immigrants 

Federal Government: Repatriation and the ABMC 

Remembering Our Boys: Collegiate memorials 

Making a Memorial Local

Location and Meaning

Memorials as Ritual Sites 

Revisiting World War I Memorials

Over There: The American Battle Monuments Commission

Historic Preservation and Remembrance

Making a Comeback: World War I Memorials In the News (Again)