Memorial Park

Paul Philippe Cret (1876-1945)


Acclaimed architect, Paul Philippe Cret, is a seminal figure in the 

design of World War I Memorial in the United States. Born in Lyons, 

France in 1876, Cret attended architecture school at the Ecole des 

Beaux-Arts in both Lyon and Paris. He served as Professor of Design 

at the University of Pennsylvania from 1903 until 1937. At the 

outbreak of World War I Cret was visiting France. He joined the 

French army, served with distinction, and was awarded the Croix de 

Guerre. Upon his return to the United States he was asked by the 

Roosevelt family to design a memorial to Quentin Roosevelt, the son 

of Theodore Roosevelt who died during the war. This memorial led to 

Cret's affiliation with the American Battle Monuments Commission 

where he served as Consulting Architect from 1923 until his death.


Paul F. Caranci & Helen A. Caranci, Brian Grogan