How To

Documenting a Memorial

We are developing a database and mobile application that will allow users to search whether a given memorial has been recorded. If it has not, users will be able to add a new record or furnish additional information to entries that are incomplete.

In the meantime, you are invited to check whether we have gathered information about a memorial by browsing this map by state

If a memorial has not been documented, please email us at and provide us with as much of the information listed below as possible.

The inventory seeks to compile extensive physical, historical, and preservation-related information on every memorial.  Not all information will be available for all memorials, but the goal is to make the inventory as exhaustive as possible.  This hoped-for information includes:


--physical address, including county and zip code
--brief description of location (e.g., in a building; on the green; courthouse lawn, etc.)
--GPS coordinates

Inscriptions (all text on a memorial, including names)

Physical properties

--dates of creation/dedication

--committee members
--has the memorial been relocated?

--good, fair, poor
--brief description of condition
--who is responsible for upkeep?
--contact information for responsible party
--conservation history


--significant details
--conservation issues

Additional Comments