Wyoming World War I Memorial

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Wyoming World War I Memorial

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Wyoming World War I Memorial


Mary Louise Alexander (1875-1963), sculptor.


dedicated November 11, 1926


In 1923, the the Wyoming Woman’s Club led the effort to erect a memorial for the 168 Wyoming men and women who had served in the First World War. The WWC selected local sculptor Mary L. Alexander for the work. To start the fund drive, the Club voted to give their $100 Liberty bond and $200 from the treasury. The Club eventually raised the $5,000 needed for the memorial.

In the end, the memorial was dedicated to all American youth who had served, not just those from Wyoming. Formally titled "Commemoration of American Youth in the World War," Alexander's doughboy sculpture is unusual because it does not depict a doughboy per se--the figure is bereft of any military accoutrements--but a young man rolling up his sleeves and getting ready to work.

The Club added a plaque on November 11, 2016, marking the 90th anniversary of the memorial and the 100th anniversary of the Club's founding.


1 Worthington Ave.
Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio

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