District of Columbia World War Memorial

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District of Columbia World War Memorial

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District of Columbia World War Memorial


Architect: Frederick H. Brooke; Associate Architect: Nathan C. Wyeth and Horace W. Peaslee


Designed in the form of a circular Greek temple (tholos), the memorial is an open-air, white marble, Doric structure intended to serve as a bandstand. A peristyle of 12 fluted Doric columns supports (without bases) supports an inscribed six-foot-tall entablature and, above that, a domed roof. The floor (stylobate) is decorated with white and pink tiles; at the center is a bronze escutcheon featuring an eagle in low relief. The names of the 499 DC residents who died in service are inscribed around the base.


Independence Ave., NW between 17th and 23rd Streets
Washington, DC

Contributing Institution

Landscape architect: James L. Greenleaf