Tourcoing War Memorial

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Tourcoing War Memorial

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Tourcoing War Memorial


Sculptor: Lucien Brasseur; Architect: Édouard Monestès




At the end of the wide avenue Gambetta, on the road to Roubaix, stands an impressive war memorial to the men of Tourcoing who fell in the First World War. Erected on a square of the same name, the monument to Victory was unveiled in 1931 after twelves years of work. The monument shows Victory on a winged horse leading 'the heroes who fell fighting the enemy' to 'glory and immortality' (in French, « La Victoire qui mène les soldats à la gloire et à l'immortalité »). It is inscribed with the names of the 2,531 soldiers from Tourcoing who were killed in the Great War. Their names are listed on panels situated either side of the sculptured figures along with a further 177 names of civilians who died because of the German occupation between October 12, 1914 and October 17, 1918.


Place de la Victoire


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